A cultural highpoint of visiting Karlstad is a visit to Värmlands Museum in the Sandgrunden area of the city. Not only for the superb and comprehensive permanent and temporary exhibitions of Värmland and other Swedish artists’ work, but also for the unique architectural experience of Cyrillushuset. It’s a short walk from the city centre.

Unique architecture

If you are interested in architecture you’ll want to know that Värmlands Museum is split between the gorgeous Cyrillushuset, designed by architect Cyrillus Johansson and opened in 1929 and the more modern part of the museum, named Nyrenhuset, built in 1998. A work of art in itself, in a Chinese temple-style, the roof of Cyrillushuset is adorned by four giant eagles, and the gardens leading up to the building were inspired by the Taj Mahal. Outside and in, this is one remarkable building.

World-class collection

The art gallery part of the museum’s collection is in Cyrillushuset and here you’ll find art by Miro, Chagall and Sweden’s own Lena Cronkvist and Anders Zorn. Here you’ll will also find works by Värmland artists such as Karin Broos, Maja Fjaestad, Lars Lerin, Jörgen Zetterquist and an array of art works with links to Värmland. The world-class collection of Värmland artists’ work that is housed here is quite simply stunning. The pieces on show are from the 18th century up to present day.

Visiting exhibitions summer

One exhibition shows the fantastic fantasy world of Inger and Lasse Sandberg, writer's of books for children. Meet several of the figures of their books like Little Spook Laban, and Little Anna and the Tall Uncle.
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