Jäverö gård

Stay at Jäverö Gård, where you have close to both animals and Vänern, just outside Karlstad.
Jäverö Gård offers self catering accommodation for one or more nights in cabins. If you have a caravan you can park at their camping.

For further information see: www.javeron.se
Jäveröns gård
Jäverö Gård
656 71 Skattkärr
+46 54860220
Jäverö gård
656 71 Skattkärr
Municipality: Karlstad
Jäverö Gård is located about 10 km east of Karlstad, 700 meters into Värnen. To Jäverö Gård can you take boat bus and ferry transport, the farm is thus located on an island in Värnen. The farm goes under the concept of "Living on a farm" and have for example swedish animals in paddocks, as hens, horses and so on. Down at the wharf and ferry situation is a café located with kitchen and farm shop and offers both its own and a regional selection! By bike or on foot, you will find beautiful coves and cliffs where you can enjoy views of the inland sea. The island is about 900 acres and holds several varied habitats, farmland, pastures and beautiful rocky and sandy beaches. The island has certified hiking trails are a total of 20 km and along them are benches, barbecue areas and shelters.
Exit the E18 at Skattkärr junction. Drive about 300 meters toward Skattkärr - Yellow sign with ferry symbol pointing right. Go straight on over the railway and continue to the ferry situation at Herrön.
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