Grums Fish n´ Camp - Sävsjön

Familjecamping i kulturbygd i södra Värmland
Grums Fish n´ Camp vid Sävsjön är en lugn familjecamping i naturskön kulturbygd i södra Värmland.
You can come to Grums Fish n´ Camp for a shorter visit, perhaps an ice-cream and a dip in the lake or for a walk along the hiking trail. You could also come here to stay for a while and enjoy the beautiful nature. You can relax, hike in the forest, bathe in the lake, go fishing or just go for a boatride. Not too far from the camp site you have a golf lane, shopping, culture and more fun activities.

The camp is just by the scenic lake Sävsjön in the south Värmland, about 12 kilometers south of Grums. There are about 40 camping spots. Some are appropriate for motor homes and others are better for putting up tents. Pets are allowed as long as they are kept on a leash and under supervision.

There are also a couple of cabins for rent here. They are equipped with two to four beds. Shower, bathroom, kitchen and scullery are located in the service-buildings in the area. From june to august the reception/kiosk is open every day between 8.30-20-30.

Surrounding the lake is a hiking trail of 8,4 kilometers. Along the trail you will find a windbreak where you can also barbeque. There is also a raft along the trail which you will need to use to get over a small bay. At the beach you will find a small bridge and a changing room. Reception desk and kiosk where you can find tourist information is found near the beach and is open june to august, every day between 8.30-20.30.

Bring you friend, kids, dog and enjoy Sävsjön!
Opening hours
2020-04-24 - 2020-10-04 Öppet fullservice
2020-06-13 - 2020-08-16 09:00 - 18:00
Grums Fish n´camp
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660 40 Segmon
Municipality: Grums
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