Bed & Breakfast ”Gamla Skolan”

Your stay at B & B Gamla Skolan will be filled with nature experience in the countryside where every season has it´s own beauty.
Bed & Breakfast ”Gamla Skolan” (Old School) is located about 30 kilometers from Karlstad in Värmland. 1,5 kilometers from road 61 towards Arvika.
There are the perfect solution for you who pass throught the area or you who wish to have a nice vacation.
There is a livingroom with an iron-stove for the cosy atmosphere, Tv, books and some games. There is a nice terrace where you can enjoy a good book or why not take the laptop with you. There are wireless internet connection for free in all rooms.
Bed & Breakfast Gamla Skolan
Municipality: Kil
located about 30km from Karlstad in Värmland. 1,5 km from road 61 towards Arvika.
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Bed & Breakfast Gamla Skolan