Älvnära Bed & Breakfast

Near Klarälven in the district of Sommaro, Karlstad, you will find our cozy yellow house!
The rooms at Älvnära has been named after the flowers that grows in the yard during the summer months.

In the summer we have Bed & Breakfast with organic breakfast. The rest of the year we rent out rooms were you can cook your own food.

WC and shower is available next to the rooms.

You will have access to a kitchen with a dining table, and also a living room with a TV, all included in the room prices.

Wifi is available.

The house is smoking and pet free.
Älvnära Bed & Breakfast
Fågelsångsvägen 20
652 30 Karlstad
+46 702302605
Älvnära Bed & Breakfast
Fågelsångsvägen 20
652 30 Karlstad
Municipality: Karlstad
Nära Klarälven i stadsdelen Sommarro, Karlstad, hittar du vårt trivsamma gula hus, som invändigt renoverats på ett varsamt sätt. Rummen på Älvnära har fått namn efter de blommor som under vår och sommar växer på naturtomten
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