Woodstock 50th anniversary

A Swedish tribute concert to the world’s first big rock festival.
The concert is a tribute to Woodstock, to the music that was presented and the feelings and atmosphere that the festival generated. It features eight Swedish artistes, all of whom have their own special relationship with Woodstock and everything that Woodstock has meant. There will be songs from Woodstock, where each individual artiste will present their favourite songs, but in their own interpretation. Some of them together. Songs that have since become classics and inspired an entire world. Artistes: Mikael Rickfors, Dan Hylander, Py Bäckman, Lagaylia Frazier, Mats Ronander, Clas Yngström, Conny Bloom, Janne Åström and musicians.
Västra Torggatan 1A
652 25 Karlstad
Karlstad CCC
Tage Erlandergatan 8A
652 20 Karlstad
Municipality: Karlstad
Karlstad CCC is is one of the largest and most modern conference venues in Scandinavia. With its 18 000 square meters meeting space and 18 conference halls ranging in capacity from 8 to 1604 guests, its the ideal location for your next congress, convention or corporate event. Restaurant Karl IX, with a capacity of 1400 seated guests, is one of only a few eco-certifies restaurants in Sweden. The main conference hall holds up to 1604 guests and is one of the largest, purpose built convention halls in Sweden. Just outside Karlstad CCC you will find a 700 square meter pier which is ideal for outside dinners, receptions and barbeque parties in the summer time. Karlstad CCC is centrally located in the city, just a short walk from the train station. Karlstad Airport is a mere 15 minutes away by taxi/bus. Within 10 minutes walking distance you will find 1000 of the total 1500 hotel/hostel rooms that are available in the city.
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Price: 695 kr
Mitt parkett, främre parkett, parkett 9-29
Pricetype: Vuxen
Price: 595 kr
2:a balkong 9-11


2019-11-24 18:00