Ve i Väse - Rune Stone at Ve

One of Värmland three known rune stones is at Ve i Väse
The short texts on the rune stones usually only mention the name of the person to be remembered and the person who erected the stone. The texts have been interpreted to mean that the stone was erected in memory of Vebjörn, by his brother. The words are but a fragment of a longer text, long since vanished, that may have been carved on a stone standing opposite this one. These may be rune stones that come in pairs, like those seen in the Mälarlandskap region.

The writing on the runes was dated to the end of the Viking era, about 1050 A.D.

Right next to the rune stone is an ancient burial ground with twenty-six mounds.
Ve i Väse
Municipality: Karlstad
Sväng av vid Värmlands-Rasta, Väse. Kör förbi kyrkan, över älven, svag vänstersväng. Platsen ligger i kurvan.
E18 east of Karlstad, exit the highway at Väse, at the next big crossing the stone stands.
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Ve i Väse
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