Väse church site

Väse church site
At Väse church site there are several cultural buildings. Väse church is situated here and will be dealt with under the headnig churches. Besides the church here is a vicarage from the begining of the 19th century. It is placed on a hill with a birch alley that goes down to the church. Opposite the church you will find the red-painted church-stables, where the oldest parts are from the 18th century. At the nearby lake Panken you can find Klockaregården. This is a beautifully elaborated building from the early 19th century. 1 km north from Väse church you will find Kronofogdestället i Ve. Here you will find three red-painted buildings placed around a square yard. The farm is from the begining of the 19th century and is a good example what a farm could look like in the old days. Before Kronofogdestället was built there was an inn and a courthouse here. In Väse and Ve can you find many ancient remains. This means that this area was important already in pre-historic times.
Väse-Fågelviks församling
Alphyddavägen 2
656 72 Skattkärr
Väse kyrkoplats
Väse kyrka
Municipality: Karlstad
Highway E18 east to Väse. Turn off at Värmlandsrasta and take to the left to Väse Church.
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