Rent a kayak, canoe or raft adventure on Lake Vänern or Värmeln

In the harbour in Borgvik there is a nice view of the northern Vänern. There is possibility to rent kayaks and canoes for the more adventurous. You can even rent a raft for a trip on Borgviks Lake.
Take a tour on Borgviks Sea and The Grums Fjord which is a lake systems linked to Lake Vänern. From the harbour café you can get to The Grums Fjord and its open water in an hour with canoe. If you are lucky you may see beavers and birds of prey when you quietly paddle out into the calm waters.
After your adventure you can enjoy a good coffee at the café in the harbour. The harbour Café is also responsible for a campground located close to the building where you can rest after a trip on the water.
Värmeln located north of Borgviks harbour meanders quietly forward, and can give you one or more days of incredible experiences in the Värmland nature that you'll never forget. Here you can paddle your way through a long lake system with tightly surrounding nature. Värmeln flows into Borgviks River and then into the Borgvik lake.
For the more experienced is a kayak trip on the Great Lake Vänern open water with deserted islands in the nature reserve areas to recommend, with or without a guide.
If you are unsure on the water or simply want someone to make your canoeing trip with you can contact the harbor office and book a guide for short trips or longer trips with overnight stay, the choice is yours
Opening hours
The lease takes place at Borgviks harbor cafe is open daily between the hours. 11: 00-20: 00th
Borgviks hamncafé
Hamnen i Borgvik
664 95 Borgvik
Borgviks hamncafé
Gamla Landsvägen 1
664 95 Borgvik
Municipality: Grums
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For price info please contact Nicklas Lundsten at +46703991560 or staff in the harbour café.