The Orrholmsgarage

Orrholmsgaraget är en kulturell oas i den värmländska underjorden.
The Orrholmsgarage is a cultural oasis in the Värmland underground.

Orrholmen is part of a housing programme and was built in the late sixties. Under the residential buildings a garage was built - Orrholmgaraget. This was a unique traffic solution for the time, where the public road and parking spaces were placed underground.

With time the garage became worn down and was regarded as an unsafe environment by the residents. In response to this the Garage Group was created in the early 2000s. The group was a cooperation between the hosts and the tenants in the purpose of renewing and improving the garage by arranging different cultural activities. Residents as well as visitors were to take part in the work on making the garage more attractive and less prone to be the subject of vandalism. Put shortly – turning the Orrholmsgarage into a positive environment for both visitors ands residents.

Thanks to this initiative visitors today can enjoy classical music which is played most parts of the day and look at a large amount of artwork. Or why not think about what's in the time capsule that’s planned to be opened in 2208 while walking along Sweden’s first Poetry Walk?

The garage has attracted attention both nationally and internationally and has been visited by several political leaders, musicians and well known cultural figures. Now it’s your turn. Welcome to the Orrholm garage!
Municipality: Karlstad
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