Island Stora Axelön - Nature reserve with labyrinths

Stora Axelön i Segerstads skärgård är ett naturreservat med labyrinter
The island Stora Axelön in Segerstad's archipelago is a nature reserve with labyrinths. The labyrinths are on bare flat rocks, as is characteristic of the area, and legend says they were built by shipwrecked sailors.

Stones have been arranged next to one of the labyrinths to form the words "God is Good".
From prehistoric times and the Middle Ages or later.

The site has probably been used for various types of rituals and symbolic dances. Tradition in Finland and on Åland suggests that these mazes have a connection with "virgin dances".
Stora Axelön
Municipality: Karlstad
Can only be reached by boat; just outside Segerstad.
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