Iron Age Burial Grounds at Södra Hyn

Gravfältet vid Södra Hyn är från den yngre järnåldern.
Hynboholm is situated in the parish of Grava north of Karlstad . At Lake Södra Hyn, northwest of Hynboholm, a burial ground from the early Iron Age can be found. It contains fifteen barrows and the same number of stone-settings. The location of the burial ground is a characteristic feature on a moraine rigde, close to a cultivated area. The burial grounds have probably been used by a farm or a near-by village.
Järnåldersgravfält vid Södra Hyn
Municipality: Karlstad
Located north of Karlstad, south of Lake Södra Hyn.
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Järnåldersgravfält vid Södra Hyn
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