Forshaga Homestead

The old homestead museum, Bråtarna, is situated 20 km north of Karlstad at Skived. Well signposted from the center of Forshaga. It is the site of the Lagerlöf family.
Here lived a farmer and fisherman named Peter in the late 16th century, ancestor of the Lagerlöf family. The most famous member of the Lagerlöf family is SELMA LAGERLÖF, a wellknown and loved author, who also got the NOBEL PRIZE in 1909. She visited the Homestead in 1937. The family society of Lagerlöf raised a stone for memorial on the homestead in 1945.

The Homestead consists of several buildings an collections of cultural historic value. Hera is a plant garden, school museum, a memorial room of Lagerlöf and exhibition of boats and railway history. The scenery is very beautiful which invites to activities both indoors and outdoors. Well equipped rooms are to rent for conferences, meetings and exhibitions. The cosy setting is well matched for weddings, family-, society-, and business parties.

On Forshaga Homestead you can rent:
Gästabudssalen in Skifwegården has room for about 70 persons.
Opening hours
Monday - friday 9:00-13:00 or after arrangement
Forshaga Hembygdsförening
Södra Lagerlöfsgatan 46
667 33 Forshaga
+46 054873648
Forshagas hembygdsgård
Södra Lagerlöfsgatan 46
667 33 Forshaga
Municipality: Forshaga
The home stead Bråtarna is located 20 km north of Karlstad in Skived.
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