Beat your friends at pool, bowling or shuffleboard.

Try the increasingly popular game of Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard dates back to the 16th Century but a pub version of the game has been developed more recently that is incredibly popular. Shuffleboard has very simple rules and can be played by all ages. Like tennis, you can either play singles or doubles. The board is long by narrow and covered in silicon beads that reduce the friction between the puck and playing surface. The aim is for your puck to rest as close to the edge as possible but you can also try to knock your opponent's puck off the playing surface. You can play Shuffleboard at both Pitchers and O’Learys.


Tables is located one flight up at the junction of Kungsgatan and Västra Torggatan with a large balcony overlooking Stora Torget. It has 14 pool tables ready for thrilling games of pool between friends, plus food and drink. Whether you're a fan or pool or not, we recommend a glass of some chilled beverage on the large balcony. Play pool at Tables - read more at the website.

Sweden Bowling

If pool is not your thing, maybe bowling is more your cup of tea? Sweden Bowling, next door to Sundstabadet, has eight bowling lanes. It is usually open every day of the week while on Saturdays and Sundays you can try your hand at discobowling. You can book a lane by calling +46 (0)54 10 00 12 or read more at Sweden Bowling facebook page.


You can also go bowling at Nöjesfabriken. In fact, it's such a good venue, the Swedish Championships have been held here. Why not try something new, such as a bowling party, for example? And afterwards or instead, you can sample the menu there or order something good from the bar. You can book a lane by calling +46 (0)54 22 22 00 or read more at Nöjesfabriken.

Other places to go bowling

You can go bowling at X-näshallen, an ultra modern bowling rink in the Våxnäs area of the city.