Welcome to the city with sun in its soul. In Karlstad, you're always close to water, which is not surprising as it's where Sweden's longest river, Klarälven, meets Sweden's largest lake, Vänern. There are also plenty of green areas here that are perfect for walking, cycling or simply to enjoy a picnic in the sun. A vibrant night life, food from all corners of the world and a thriving and expansive culture scene.

Alsters herrgård
This beautiful 18th Century country estate with views over Lake Vänern was the birthplace of Gustaf Fröding, one of Sweden's best loved poets. The estate now houses exhibitions, shops, art gallery, plus a café and restaurant. The Story of Fröding is also presented daily during the summer months.

Seven exciting artists have transformed seven dull façades into magnificent works of art. Artscape - Scandinavia’s largest street art festival - has brought a real splash of colour to Karlstad and changed the urban landscape. Experience these majestic murals dotted around the city.

Brigadmuseum is a military experience centre for all ages. The exhibition covers the Cold War, i.e. the period from 1945–1991. Instead of being behind glass, most exhibits are there to be touched and explored with all your senses. You can also enjoy home baked cake and freshly brewed organic coffee in the café here.

Water Buses
Experience Karlstad from the water. Take a trip along Klarälven river or a tour of the city centre. You can also take a longer trip out into our beautiful Vänern Archipelago with its 20,000 islands and skerries. Pack a picnic basket and swimwear and enjoy our beautiful city from the water.
Mariebergsskogen – Karlstad City Park
Experience animals and nature up close in Naturum Värmland and Lillskogen Zoo. Embark on a voyage of discovery in the playground, open air museum and participate in delightful events for all ages. There's also an organic restaurant and café in the park. Free entrance, free parking, open all year.

Sandgrund Lars Lerin
Karlstad is also home to the most cherished artist in Sweden. Lars Lerin is one of the most prominent watercolour artists in Scandinavia and has his own art gallery at Sandgrund - where you can admire his magnificent works. The gallery also has a shop, café and space for specially invited guest artists to display their work.

Sola Statue
Karlstad has strong ties with the sun. It was home to inn hostess Eva-Lisa Holtz (1739–1818) - more famously known as Sola in Karlstad. Today, a statue of Sola by Herman Reijer stands on Klarälven beach in the centre of Karlstad. A powerful symbol of the happy spirit and enterprising entrepreneurship of the local residents.

Gamla stenbron
The East Bridge, or old Stone Bridge as it is called by locals, is a beautiful feature of Karlstad, dating from 1765. It's also the longest stone arch bridge in Sweden and wonderfully illuminated.
Värmlands Museum
You’ll find Värmlands Museum in the heart of Sandgrundsudden in the centre of Karlstad, amidst playgrounds, bathing jetties and beautiful walkways. Following extensive modernisation, the museum reopened on 1 June 2019 with new exhibitions, a new shop and restaurant, children's exhibition, creative workshop, future lab and much more.
Wermland Opera
Experience opera, musicals and orchestral concerts of high artistic merit at Wermland Opera. It is one of six opera houses in Sweden and is beautifully located on Klarälven in the centre of Karlstad. Its productions are famed for being daring and innovative.